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訊樂金融招聘 ("訊樂金融") 协助香港持牌法團聘请执行董事 ("ED")、负责人员 ("RO") 及主管 ("MIC") 进行以下类型的受规管活动 (RA):


(2) 期货合约交易;

(3) 杠杆式外汇交易;

(4) 就证券提供意见;

(5) 就期货合约提供意见;

(6) 就机构融资提供意見;

(7) 提供自动化交易服务;

(8) 提供证券保证金融资;

(9) 提供资产管理;及

(10) 提供信貸评级服务。

Sloane Financial Recruitment for Hong Kong Licensed Corporations and Fund Houses 


Sloane Financial Recruitment ("Sloane Financial") assisted Hong Kong Licensed Corporations to hire executive directors ("ED"), responsible officers ("RO") and Managers-in-Charge ("MIC") in the following types Regulated Activities (RA):

(1)  Dealing in securities;

(2)  Dealing in futures contracts;

(3)  Leverage foreign exchange trading;

(4)  Advising on securities;

(5)  Advising on futures contracts;

(6)  Advising on corporate finance;

(7)  Providing automated trading services;

(8)  Securities margin financing;

(9)  Asset management; and

(10)Providing credit rating services.

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10th Anniversary

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