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10th Anniversary

Vision 抱負

Mission 使命

Core Values 


我们的愿景是成为亚洲最以客户为中心、最具活力、最重要的金融招聘和人力资源公司集团之一, 其驱动因素是对客户价值和关怀的共同热情


Our vision is to be one of Asia's most customer-centric, dynamic and premier group of financial recruitment and human resources company driven by a shared passion for customer value and care


我们的使命是为利益相关者带来灵感和创新, 同时发展业务领域: (1) 培养业务诚信, (2) 获得客户的完全满意, (3) 建立世界一流的服务品牌, (4) 最大限度地提高财务回报予利益相关者

Our mission is to bring inspiration and innovation to stakeholders while developing business segments that (1) nurture business integrity, (2) obtain total customer satisfaction, (3) establish a world class service brand, (4) maximize financial return for stakeholders

  • 创新

  • 打开更改

  • 相信简单

  • 卓越客户

  • 诚信与公平

  • 开放和尊重

  • 利益相关者的利益

  • Innovation

  • Open to Change

  • Believe in Simplicity

  • Customer Excellence

  • Integrity and Fairness

  • Open and Respect

  • Stakeholders' Interest

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